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Paper is one of life’s basic materials and often carries knowledge, in form of textbooks, dictionaries and newspapers. However, these amazing tin sheets of material – with precise cutting and folding, it can turn into ornament, amazing gift or even truly stunning artwork.

Business Overview
AmazingPopup.com is established in Year 2010.

Apart from selling ebooks, We do exhibitions, commercial designs, custom designs, handmade artworks and local workshops as well. You are welcome to ask for information or quotations at amazingpopup@hotmail.com.

All the artworks found in AmazingPopup are designed and handcrafted by Kwok Cheung Chow(Max Chow).

Max is a Hong Kong Origami Architect, who “builds” things by folding paper. The original form of origami- Japanese paper folding – has been developed to create 3 – dimensional objects, known as Origami Architecture.

He fell in love with Origami Architecture in 90’s when his sister gave him a book by professor Masahiro Chatani about this art form. The moment Max flipped open the book, he was fascinated by how a piece of paper could turn into a pop-up flower, animal or a complicated castle. “it was like a magic!” he felt. Yet, Max did not continue with the idea for long.

However, several years later he started to practice the art form again, Max started making pop-up Christmas Trees and gave them to his friends, which they loved very much. He soon realized he could do somethings in the area of Origami Architecture.

News, Interviews and Events
Magazine-Sudden Magazine, p120 – p121 23/8/2012

Magazine-Umagazine, p90 – p91 31/8/2012

TV-IFENG “Speak on Hong Kong”, 2/10/2012

TV-Shanghai Channel Young Channel, 10/2012

TV-TVB Channel Jade “cultural plaza”, 21/10/2012

TV-TVB Channel Jade “cultural plaza” 28/10/2012

TV-TVB Channel Jade “cultural plaza” 4/11/2012

Magazine-Face, p86-p87 23/1/2013

Exhibition-Park Central, 26/1/2013 - 28/2/2013

Magazine-New Holiday, 28/1/2013

Newspaper-Headline Daily, 28/1/2013

Newspaper-New Evening Post, p86-p87 30/1/2013

Newspaper-Takunpao, 30/1/2013

Newspaper-Metropop, 31/1/2013

Magazine-Disney Princess, p36-p37 1/2/2013

Magazine-New Monday, 1/2/2013

Newspaper-Wenweipo, 2/2/2013

Newspaper-SingTao Daily ,4/2/2013

Newspaper-SingTao(New Territories East), headline 5/2/2013

Newspaper-Hong Kong Economic Journal, 5/2/2013

Magazine-Milk, 7/2/2013

Newspaper-South China Morning Post Young Post, 14/2/2013

Newspaper-SingTao Sunny Campus, 21/2/2013

Newspaper-Sky Post, 25/2/2013

TV-TVB Channel Jade “Youth Nation”, 16/3/2013

TV-TVB Channel Jade “the showoff show”, 4/4/2013

TV-TVB Channel Jade “the green room”, 17/4/2013

Newspaper-SingTao Daily, 16/7/2013

Magazine-Next Magazine, p108-p110 - 3/7/2014

Newspaper-Apple Daily On-Line, 5/7/2014

Radio-RTHK interview, 13/9/2014

TV-CTETV China Tourist and Economic TV, 17/10/2014

Radio-RTHK interview, 7/12/2014

Exhibition-HSBC HK Central Headquarter (“The Art of Appreciation” by HSBC) with other five renowned artists , 26/11/2014 - 10/12/2014

Exhibition-Pioneer Centre, 1/12/2014 - 1/1/2015

TV-TVB Channel Jade “cultural plaza”, 25/1/2015

TV-TVB Channel Jade “cultural plaza”, 1/2/2015

TV-TVB Channel Jade “kids think big”, 18/2/2015

TV-I-CABLE "News", 3/6/2016

TV-I-CABLE Finance Info Channel "Close to Culture", 4/6/2016


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